23 Mart 2011 Çarşamba

About Us

Exsul formed as an Endgame Progress Guild from PvE-inclined guild Doomed by Core Raiders at Cataclysm. Which has been the best Alliance international guild since the start of The Burning Crusade on Burning Legion for the past four years.

We are bunch of old school highly active and dedicated group of hardcore players which used to raid together since start of TBC and most of us played since the launch of World of Warcraft.

Our experience with playing 10man as a team started with the launch of Zul'Aman and our first success in making timed run and continue with many other server firsts even despite fact 10Man wasnt our priority. We never sacrificed any team member due encounter push us to use specific classes and here we are.

We wished to create a guild with several lvl of progress ideas and game-play opportunities. While creating project, one of our priorities was offering to the players oldshool atmosphere in highly activite hardcore guild.

Exsul built from 2 parts - PvE and PvP. We wont tease each other. Both parts have their own rules and Leadership.
Our PvP squad formed by high rated, old BL PvPers. Hope to meet with you at Battlegrounds and Arena!

Also we might be interested in small teams as full pack -playing their 10man under our common banner- with their own rules, leadership and chat channel.

with Cataclysm.. Exsul is going to focus on Hardcore 10Man Progress as PvE Squad and Rated Battlegrounds as PvP Squad.
And.. we aim high ! ROAR

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