23 Mart 2011 Çarşamba

Exsul of The Four Winds




-High- PR: Priest (3 Spec) FoD: Priest (2 Spec) LN: Holy Paladin or Resto Druid
-Medium- Progress: Mage Hunter Lock
-Low-  PvP: skilled and experienced with lvl 60 PvP rank or Arena Title or 2.4k+ Arena Rating pure PvP Healers
-Open Slot- skilled and experienced players
* E type Team Recruitments -OPEN- for only well known PvP players with title
* D type Team Recruitments: -CLOSED- for small dedicated guilds as 10man full pack team
* C type Team recruitments: -CLOSED- for classes which are not in list
* A-B type Team recruitments: Even recruitment status -CLOSED- for your class/spec we have open slot for endgame experienced skilled players 
If you meet our requirements and you are currently looking for a new international PvE / PvP inclined guild for Cataclysm, feel free to Apply! 
Please do not whisper to guild officers about your application status without we ask for it. Thanks
For more information:
Burning Legion Forum
Experience Requirement: Decent experience for raiding
PvE min: Wotlk Hard modes (level 60/70 raiding experience will be huge bonus)
PvP: High PvP experience and activity, rating. (Old PvP titles will be huge bonus)
Attendence Requirement:
 Stable and reliable raid attendence.
(Being able to cope with one of the raiding schedule mentioned below)

10 man Teams by Attendence and Progress Type:

A Progres Rush, Progres / B Raider, Late Night / C Semi-Raider, Weekend / D Full pack 10man Team / E PvP Department

A %100 Attendance Endgame: Progress Rush Team, Progress Team
During Progress 7 days up to late hours. On farm 1-3 days up to 23.00
These teams for endgame hardcore pve players with no time limit.
Rotations will be done by putting fast progress idea to first place at
* This doesnt mean we will balance every 10 man team. No requests allowed.

B %90 Attendance Farm: Raider Team, Late Night Team
During Progress 4 days till 00.00. On farm 1 day up to 23.00
These teams for limited time oldshool pve and pvp players. Leaded by seted organisers with a raiding schelude.

C Spontane Attendance: Social Team, Weekend Team
Flexible teams. They are related with guild managment as our 'semi' parts. Achivment and Gdkp runs enter under this group also.

D Full pack 10man Teams -Not related with guild managment-
These teams will have their own leadership, rules and raiding schelude. They share guild achivements with us under same guild tag. 

E PvP Department - Rated Battlegrounds, Arena, World PvP -Not related with PvE department-
PvP players -if they wish- able to join Semi-PvE activities under PvPE Teams

• Attendance: %100 stable and reliable raid attendance (being able to cope with one of the raiding schedules).
• Gear: Proper gear/spec/gem/enc/glyph for raiding on hard modes or high rating arena/rated battleground.
• Extensive knowledge of your class and in-game mechanics and being able to use your knowledge with your skills.
• Being tacticaly well prepared for every raid, bringing a lot of consumables and using them.
• Able to use and speak on Ventrilo.
• Stable connection (disconnects will not be tolerated).
• Showing you care your char but also being Team Player.
• Discipline, motivation and dedication during progress.
• And last, but not least: knowing how to have fun and enjoy the game.

Basically, we're looking for long-term members sharing our views on end-game raiding. If your goal ingame is to raid with high skilled and dedicated players, here we have guild for you!

Apply only if you are active dedicated player with full PvE / PvP experience
If you are well known old player at server which gave a break during WOTLK and you are planning to play active PvE or PvP with Cataclysm you have a chance to get invite still. 
About PvE Players
High endgame PvE experience, activity and achievements
(level 60, 70 raiding experience and level 80 hard mode experience will be a huge bonus).
Min 5/12 Heroic mode experience on current encounter, min 
10 Man Normal mode gear with latest gems and enchants
About Tanks -CLOSED-
Here is a hard trial test period waiting for you.
We are waiting from you to have end game gear experience skill and in addition - fast adaptation, good coordination with our tanks. So if you aren't a team player don't bother. 
About Healers -OPEN-
You should play your off spec as good as healer. 
About DPSers -CLOSED-
Since we have too many at the moment basically you need to show that u can beat our dpsers with your knowledge, survivebility and skill. Do not apply without WWS report. 
About PvP Players
If you have a strong PvP voucher, you can bring your PvP team together with you.
High endgame PvP experience, activity and rating
(old PvP titles will be a huge bonus).
Min: 2000+ Battleground Rating or 2400+ Arena Rating or strong PvP voucher

* Reserve spot open for only well known old BL players
* Social spot open for only vouched achievement whores
Cross realm Applications:
Do not apply without detailed WWS/WMO report
Be extremely honest about following assets for your application:
Connection / Playability
Being able to use mic
Experience / Skill
Played / Play times
In game goals


Guild Name: Exsul
Server: Burning Legion -EU- PVP
Faction: Alliance
Guild Type: - Hardcore - Endgame PVE 10 Man Guild + Hardcore PVP activity
Nationality: International 

Current PvE Status: 12/12 N - 9/13 H
Current Raid Schedule: 5 days: 19.00-00.00

Guild created on: 03.10.2010
Guild Goal: Clearing content before it gets nerfed as server first. 
RP Policy: N/A

Leading and Managment: Team Work
Contacts PvE: Nykhaos Hatred Dhakar Colander Nimh 
Contacts PvP: Xanise Grzmocik

Planned 10 man Teams by Attendence and Progress Type:
A:  %100 Attendance 6-7 day late hour raiding: Progress Rush Team, Progress Team
B:  %90 Attendance 4-5 day standard hour raiding: Rush Raider Team, Raider Team
C:  Spontane Attendance 2-3 day standard hour raiding: Reserve, Casual Raider, Social Team, Weekend Team
D:  Full 10man pack teams with their own leadership, rules and raiding schelude E:  Full PvP teams with their own leadership, rules and premade schelude 
Raid Slots: Minimum rotation

Rated Battleground Premades: +
Arena Teams: +
World PvP Activity: + 

Recruitment: -Closed-
How to join: Only with vouching by Core Members
Trial period: Up to 1 month. 

Loot Type: Roll
Ventrilo and Mic: Required 

Our Past 10 Man Achievement Rank: World: 54
Our past progress can be found at related pages under our old guild name: Doomed